Professional Hacking Contractor

Hacking and Demolition Services
We provide professional hacking, dismantling and demolition works for HDB, BTO, landed and all commеrсiаl properties. As an experienced direct hacking contractor, we are able to perform hacking jobs аt competitive rаtеѕ with no middleman cost involved
Quick Dismantling
We dismantle built-in cabinets, wardrobes, partitions, ceiling boards and all other fixtures with ease.
Hacking Works
We are able to hack away walls, openings including removal of all floor and wall finishes with tiles, cement, parquet or screed.
Disposal Services
We dispose of all construction debris efficiently and safely at only approved NEA dumping locations.

Dismantling Works
Do you require dismantling of existing cabinetry, built-in furniture or any fixtures on your property? We provide quick and fuss-free dismantling works to remove any unwanted fixtures easily, including the necessary disposal of debris. Our dismantling services also includes ready removal of wall partitions, ceiling boards and other interior installations that you would like to get rid of. We provide dismantling services for resale HDB units as well as commercial units which require reinstatement to original condition.
Repairs Leakage, Water Appliances, Tap/Sink/Basin/Pipe Replacement & Clear Choke. Wide Range of Quality Plumbing Services
Here's why you should hire a plumbing professional

Expert Plumbing Assistance. It is important to hire some experienced and professional plumbers because they have the best plumbing skills whether they are installing or repairing a system.
Knowledge and Years of Experience. Here at Reinstatement Group Singapore, our plumbers are very well knowledgeable and experienced. As a licensed and certified company, we ensure that our men have the right skills, knowledge, and are experts in their field.
Transparent fees. A professional plumber will provide far better value for your money than trying to fix your plumbing issues on your own. Contact us for affordable and transparent plumbing service in Singapore
Safety. Hire a professional plumber for the benefit of safety. Generally, the safety of your home doesn't come at a price. You should be aware that most plumbing tasks are usually involved with electrical objects. Water heater replacement and dealing with water lines are risky jobs. This type of work can only be performed by qualified and skilled plumbers.

Masonry Works
Full service for Brickworks, plastering, waterproofing, screeding, tiling, and flooring, you need look nowhere else.

Masonry work is fundamental work in the construction industry that involves basic elements such as brick and tiles .While building a wall, builders need to put bricks or tiles together with the help of cement or mortar. Due to durability, masonry work is popular for centuries. But, still, with the time, you need to repair or restore it. For this purpose, you need to hire professional masonry services like that of Reinstatement Group Singapore.

What are the advantages of Masonry work?

Being able to maintain a reputation in the construction industry, Masonry work has multiple benefits.


  • Nonflammable. It means there are fewer chances of getting a fire in the home or building.
  • Thermal regulator. Works as a thermal regulator and maintains the home temperature.
  • Soundproof. Suitable for those people who want a to enjoy peaceful environment.
  • Durable. Long-lasting compared to other types of constructions.
  • Beautiful. Your wall or home seems appealing to the eyes and captures one's sight.

Ceiling & Dry Wall Partition
Hacking Works
We perform professional hacking of non-load bearing walls, including creating openings in walls in interiors and exterior areas.  For BTO units, hacking works are popularly performed to create an open or half-open kitchen design. In addition, we also perform hacking services for all floor and wall tiles or other finishes, including parquet and various types of flooring.

As a HDB Registered Renovation Contractor, we are able to provide application of the HDB renovation permit for hacking works in HDB units.
Safe Disposal
As part of our best practices, our company values and trains our staff in proper execution of waste disposal. As part of our standard procedures, we transport solid waste and debris from any work site to approved dumping grounds for proper waste management.
Save at least 15% on your gypsum board ceiling and partition repair/ installation!
We provide partition wall systems such as drywall and glass walls for offices, commercial and residential properties. We can perform hacking jobs аt competitive transparent rates.

The most common type of drywall partitions is those made out of enhanced gypsum plasterboards, the type of wall dividing space commonly used in offices, schools, offices, homes, and other places.

Spaces can be systematically divided into individual sections using regularised drywall partitions. They are strong and robust enough to last a lifetime despite being makeshift walls.

Office and meeting rooms may require soundproofing / fireproofing walls to prevent external noise from entering.

Office Spaces
Reinstating offices premises typically involves dismantling of existing partitions, shelves and other built in furnitures. Ceiling boards might also be required to be replaced if they are found to be in bad condition. Depending on the type of flooring, the landlord might require the removal of carpeted flooring before handover. Power points and data points will have to be dismantled if they have installed by the tenant.
Retail Properties
Retail lots typically have undergone a certain degree of renovation and furnishings, especially if they are found at shopping malls. Reinstating them could include dismantling of the facade structures, display shelves as well as electrical truckings and power points. Repainting the walls and ceiling to its original state is also commonly required.
Industrial Properties
Industrial properties include warehouses and other storage facilities that landlords require to be reinstated back to its original condition. Typically, this depends on the use of the facility and the equipment and general age and condition.

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